This is Tai Chi!

Inhaling slowly…deliberately, breath in tandem with heartbeat. Smooth, gently flowing circular movements of arms, slight lunge…and exhale, rocking back to center.  Brushing the Horse’s Mane. Relaxed, peaceful, energized…awareness and clarity of thought as muscle memory moves me to the next fluidity of motion. Soft music washes over me, through me…inhale…

This is Tai Chi. True poetry in motion, a type of mind/body/soul meditation-exercise that offers so many health benefits, and it feels great!  It originated in China as a martial art in 1580, and as happens to most all, really good things, it has been passed down, adopted and adapted, and has even crossed international borders to become one of the most popular exercises in the world today!  According to,  “Tai Chi is practiced by about 20 percent of the world’s population.” (just for fun…and because I love random facts… states that “As of writing this answer, the current world population is over 7,300,000,000 people. 20% of this number comes to 1,460,000,000 people, which is about 4.5 times as large as the United States.” 🙂 )

That’s a lot of qi! (pronounced ‘chi’) What’s qi?  Oh!  Simply put, it is your energy, or life force!  Tai chi ‘unblocks’ any blocked qi and encourages proper flow of qi and also promotes the necessary balance of Yin and Yang, the opposing elements believed to make up the universe!  And who doesn’t want that, right?  “Balance in all things” has become my personal motto over the years! 

Since Tai Chi is comprised of slow, low impact movements, anyone in any stage of fitness can do it! Scientific studies show that it helps chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart disease and diabetes, and that it also improves balance, prevents falls and reduces stress. It is inexpensive and requires no special equipment. You can do tai chi anywhere, including indoors or outside. And you can do tai chi alone or in a group class. Tai Chi promotes muscle strength, flexibility, balance and some aerobic conditioning. It decreases stress, anxiety and depression, improves mood, aerobic capacity, increases energy and stamina, improves flexibility, balance, and agility 

A typical Tai Chi session will take you through a series of graceful movements, performed in a slow, focused manner while focusing on deep breathing.  Each posture flows into the next without pausing…constant movement, nothing fast or sharp.  So change into comfy clothes, and join us for some awesome health-building fun!

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