Just Breathe

Relax. Focus on your breath. Clear your mind.

These statements are said like it is something we can do without thinking. But are they, really?

I remember there was a free meditation that my husband and I went to years ago. It was actually my very first one. It was guided in the beginning and then, the point  where you yourself focus on your breath and clear your mind. Sounds easy enough….boy was I wrong. Every time I took a couple of deep breaths, thoughts would go through my mind like gunfire in battle! What was I doing wrong. Everyone else seemed to take on this task effortlessly. 

Finally, somehow I made it through. When we were on our way home, I told my husband how difficult that was and what happened in my mind as I so called tried to clear it.  He stated that it probably meant it was something that I really needed.

It has taken time, lots of time but I have learned in my quiet times to not worry about all the thoughts that come through. I let it come in, listen, and then let it go. You see, it is not about getting to a point of not having thoughts come through but what you do with those thoughts.  Let them go. Do not worry about what comes through, just breathe. Be comfortable with letting the thoughts come and letting them go.Knowing that you are capable of being calm and breathing through the chaos of those thoughts.

So, if you are like me, and have tried it and thought it a failure, do not give up. Keep trying and believe me, once you learn to be still in the midst of your thoughts you will come out on the other side relaxed, focused and happy!

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