Happy and Healthy

Happy and Healthy

As I turn the corner on my final stretch home I see it; “i Heart You ” in the sand. I smile! My day is now 100% better. You see, my husband and I went on a hike, something we love to do. He went through first as I took a longer route and he left this note in the sand for me to see as I went through later.

A small gestor, yes, but not small at all in the way it made me feel. I got to thinking; isn’t this true in everyone. It really doesn’t take much to better someone’s day. A smile from a stranger, getting a compliment or someone holding a door for you. All of these things otherwise insignificant to anyone else could mean the world to one person. We all know everyone has a need to feel love, to smile and to be happy. What we may not know is that that need does more for us than just make us happy or bring a smile to our face.

That is what happens on the outside, but what happens on the inside? Being happy can help promote a healthy lifestyle. It may also help combat stress, boost your immune system, and reduce pain.

I imagine most people know this already. I am sure you have had a experience to where you felt better, had no aches and pain, maybe felt more relaxed and less worried when you were happy. Do you purposely find ways to make yourself happy? Do you incorporate those things in to your daily life? We must purposely do things or at least start being aware of our mental and physical state.

Make a list of things (doesn’t have to be big) that you know make you smile. Try to do one thing every day and at the end of the week or month (however long you want to take) see how you feel. I would even get a journal and keep track. You might be surprised!

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